Clicking on the Neighbors command brings up a screen showing the symbols for the 24 nuclides (if they all exist; otherwise a blank box) in the immediate area of the selected nuclide displayed on the Main form. Shown below is the “neighborhood” for Co59. Note that the neighborhood consists of nuclides in the range from Z-2 to Z+2 and A-2 to A+2.
Neighbors Command
These 24 nuclides are in the neighborhood of the selected nuclide
As is the case with the Reactions, Processes and Origins forms, clicking on a square containing a nuclide symbol pops open a small window displaying that nuclide's data. For example, clicking on the Fe59 square yields the following:
Data for the nuclide Fe59



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See the Legend link on the Reference page for the meaning of the symbols, numbers and colors shown here.
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