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Simple Searches

There are 6 simple searches that can be selected: Find, for a given Z, all isotopes, all isomers or all stable nuclides; find, for a given A, all isobars; find, for a given n, all isotones; or find all naturally radioactive nuclides.

Shown to the right is the result of a search for all isobars with A=100.

Form for simple searches of the nuclide database
The screen below also pops open when the search is complete (essentially instantly).
Summary of search results for isobars of A=100
Clicking on 42Mo100, for example, and then on Display Nuclide, opens a window with data on that nuclide...
Data for the nuclide Mo100
Note that this "stable" nuclide decays by double beta decay with a very long half life (8E18 years).
Data on any of these 15 nuclides can be displayed with only a couple of mouse clicks.
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See the Legend link on the Reference page for the meaning of the symbols, numbers and colors shown here.
Range search is not available in the Basic version
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