Range Searches

The entire database of 3,200+ nuclides can be quickly searched for nuclides with half-lives or neutron cross-sections within a user-selected range, or nuclides that emit a gamma at a user-specified energy and within a specified tolerance.

The screen shot to the right shows the results of a search for nuclides that emit a 1.33 MeV gamma within a tolerance of 1%.

Note that the No Mask button is selected. This means that any nuclide with a half life greater than 5 seconds is included in the search results (if it meets the search criterion)

Shown below is the same search, but set to mask out half-lives less than 1 month.

Note that only one of the 14 nuclides that emit a gamma ray of energy 1.33 Mev (plus or minus 1%) has a half life longer than 1 month.

Range search on gamma energy, no half-life mask
Refined range search on gamma energy, with mask
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